When you show your clients appreciation through thoughtful gifts, you create a lasting impression. Find the best 2023 client gift ideas for your clients in this guide, plus how you can easily send them for every occasion.

Client gift ideas: a guide to finding the best client gift

Building strong relationships with clients is crucial for the success of any organization. One of the most effective ways to foster these relationships is by sending thoughtful client gifts. It’s a great way to make your clients feel special, show them your appreciation, and build lasting, loyal relationships.

A well-chosen gift can leave a lasting impression and set a business apart from its competitors. In this way, client gifts can be seen as an investment in the long-term growth and success of a business. In this increasingly digital world, where face-to-face interactions are becoming less common, sending client gifts can help to maintain a human touch and build authentic relationships with clients.

Give clients the gift of choice from the amazing options below! 

Finding the perfect client gift that aligns with your client's preferences and fits within your budget can be a challenge. You have to balance a lot of considerations: finding something appropriate but personal, useful, and within your budget. In fact, nearly half of all Americans (45.4%) report that the hardest part of gifting is choosing the “right” gift for their recipient. 

Remember that with Snappy you don't have to choose just one gift to send - you can send your clients a budgeted collection of carefully curated choices and they pick the one that they love most. You don't need to stress over choosing an item, they get to select exactly what they want, and the whole experience for both of you is much more personal and delightful than any gift card. Win-Win-Win! 

Client gifts up to $50
Client gifts up to $50
If you’re looking for gifts for clients that are under $50 gifts, there’s a fabulous gift within reach that your clients are sure to love. From useful tech to delicious treats, there’s something for everyone in our $50 gift collection options.
Client gifts up to $100
Client gifts up to $100
When looking for client gift ideas for under $100, there are many options that combine quality and appeal - striking a balance between realistic pricing and big impact. From practical and stylish items to premium gift boxes and essential tech, these gifts are a great way to celebrate meaningful client occasions.

Tips for Client Gifting

There’s a lot that goes into a great client gift, from the gift itself to the day you send it and more. Here are some best practices for client gifting to keep in mind.

Get personal

While it’s important to stay appropriate, gifting is a perfect opportunity to create a personal connection in business. You can do this by sending gifts for personal milestones such as birthdays and weddings. You should also always include a personal note addressed to your client explaining why you sent the gift and sharing your appreciation for the relationship.

Make it useful

In order to make your gift memorable, consider giving something with day-to-day value, like a pair of headphones or a coffee machine. Every time your client uses it, they’ll think of you, helping to keep you top of mind. Best way to give a useful gift? Let your client choose what they need and like!

Be mindful of cultural differences

When sending gifts to clients, it’s important to be mindful of potential cultural differences that might impact how your gift will be received. For example, sending a gift for a cultural holiday that you know your clients celebrate will show your recognition of who they are and appreciation of their background. It’s also important to do your research and check whether certain gifts, like alcohol or certain foods, may be considered taboo in a client’s culture. 

Be timely

Even the most thoughtful gift will lose its steam if it arrives too late. It’s important to think ahead when planning gifts and aim to time them so that it arrives just before or during a holiday or occasion, rather than after. If it’s a gifting occasion that you think your client will receive a lot of gifts for (like the winter holidays), getting your gift in a bit early can help you stand out.

Use the right tech

If you have multiple clients to send gifts to, doing it manually can be unnecessarily time-consuming and tedious. The right gifting platform can make your life much easier by doing all of the hard work for you.

Client gifting FAQs

When is the best time to give a client gift?

There are so many great occasions for sending client gifts! From various holidays that happen throughout the year to more personal occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, there’s almost always a reason to send a client gift. Some other occasions to consider include:

  • Kicking off a new partnership
  • Awarding clients for professional or personal achievements
  • Righting a wrong
  • Re-engaging a client who’s gone dark
  • Customer Appreciation Day

How much should I spend on a client gift?

How much is appropriate and realistic to spend on a client gift will depend on your industry, relationship, and budget. Generally speaking, somewhere between $50 to $200 is standard.

Should I send a personalized note with the gift?

Yes, absolutely! A personalized message can take an already great client gift to the next level. We always recommend including one, mentioning your client by name, and writing your heartfelt wishes or words of appreciation.

What should I do if a client declines a gift?

Sometimes, a client may decline a gift because their company policy doesn’t allow them to accept one. In this case, you can graciously express your understanding and offer an alternative, such as making a charitable donation on their behalf or simply sending a handwritten letter.

Make clients happy with Snappy

If you’re not already practicing client gifting, now is a great time to start. Whether it's to express gratitude, celebrate milestones, or simply show appreciation, a well-thought-out client gift can leave a lasting impression and foster a sense of loyalty. It’s a wonderful way to grow your business by building stronger, more loyal client relationships while boosting your brand’s reputation. 

With Snappy, you can send your clients highly useful, premium gifts – no matter your budget. Clients are sure to delight in getting to choose their own favorite gift from a collection of favorite options. And you’ll be able to simplify your gifting process, saving time and stress.

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