Your Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide: Unforgettable Gift Collections to Make Their Day Extra Special

Celebrating birthdays has a big impact on both personal and professional relationships: more than half of people (55.5%) agree that when people forget about or do not acknowledge their birthdays it makes them sad. 

The majority of working Americans agree that “if employers celebrated personal milestones such as birthdays, employee morale would be higher in the workplace” (80.8%), as would employee retention (74.6%).

Receiving birthday cards and gifts, and eating sweet treats in celebration of a birthday are all traditions that Americans continue to favor and report being among the top ways they most enjoy celebrating their birthdays. 

The top way to celebrate a birthday, according to a recent study, is by eating cake or another sweet treat (67.2%). And while people love their birthday cakes, birthday messages and communication will never go out of style, with phone calls (67.1%), text messages (66.8%), and birthday cards in the mail (58.6%) still remaining highly sought after and impactful.

Receiving gifts is among the most important ways to celebrate birthdays, with 64% of birthday survey respondents reporting receiving a gift is an important tradition in their birthday celebrations.

Snappy offers seamless gifting solutions for both personal gifting for friends, family, and loved ones, as well as business gifting solutions for celebrating birthdays with colleagues, clients, customers, and more!

Explore a few of the most loved birthday products in the Snappy Birthday Gift Collections, available to send now:

Birthday Gifts for Celebrating with a Sweet Treat
Birthday Gifts for Celebrating with a Sweet Treat
We know people love to indulge in a sweet treat or perhaps a strong drink in celebration of their birthday… check out a few favorites available in the Snappy Birthday Gift Collections. By offering your gift recipient a collection of products, rather than just one gift with no options, you empower them to pick exactly what they want, be it cake or cocktails!
Birthday Sweets: Bake it with Mel Funfetti Surprise Cookie Cake
Bake it with Mel Funfetti Surprise Cookie Cake
A tower of cookies, scrumptious vanilla frosting, and a sprinkle explosion, what more could you want?! Expertly created by a 2x Chopped Champion, this kit has everything needed to make a delicious, multi-tier cake creation. This complete interactive kit combines baking, decorating, and smiles, into one fun and tasty DIY activity.
Birthday Sweets: Craftmix Cocktail Mixers
Craftmix Cocktail Mixers
Be Your Own Bartender: Craftmix was specifically designed for cocktails on the go! Think camping, festivals, concerts, airplanes, house parties, picnics, pool parties, tailgates, and more. With Craftmix you can bring the party with you! Craftmix products are made with all-natural ingredients and are low sugar, low calorie, gluten free, soy free, vegan, dairy free, non GMO, and made in the USA.
Birthday Sweets: Rainbow Bagel Kit
Rainbow Bagel Kit
With the new FarmSteady Rainbow Bagel Making Kit, bakers can create vibrantly-swirled rainbow bagels in their own kitchen. Delightfully playful with a perfectly crisp bagel crust, cut them open to reveal an amazing burst of color for homemade bagels that are almost too beautiful to eat. Everything needed to rope, loop and bake your own rainbow bagels is in the kit.
Birthday Sweets: Dana’s Bakery Seasonal Macarons
Dana’s Bakery Seasonal Macarons
This tasty variety pack includes an assortment of 12 delectable French macarons from New York City's Dana's Bakery, featuring a seasonal collection of delicious flavors. These macarons are all gluten free, soy free, egg free, and dairy free.
Self-Care and Luxury Gifts for Birthday Celebrations
Self-Care and Luxury Gifts for Birthday Celebrations
For the friend or coworker who enjoys indulging in a little self-care and luxury to relax and unwind on their birthday, Snappy offers a wide array of high-quality gift options for them to choose from:
Self Care: Amalfi Orchid Duo
Amalfi Orchid Duo
Fly away to the Amalfi Coast with an Amalfi Orchid Duo gift. The elegant ceramic planter echoes the whitecaps of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, while the bright purple orchids dazzle like the colorful rooftops on the hills.
Self Care: Sparoom Relaxing Spa Kit
Sparoom Relaxing Spa Kit
Give the gift option of an at-home spa experience. Treat your skin to a hydrating blend that comes to the rescue for relieving dryness and leaves skin with a relaxing lavender scent. Includes Mini PureMist Essential Oil Diffuser, Lavender Bath Salt, Lavender Body Cream, and Lavender Essential Oil.
Self Care: Adina Eden Classic Tennis Bracelet
Adina Eden Classic Tennis Bracelet
Add an iconic classic to any jewelry collection with an Adina Eden's Classic Thin Tennis Bracelet, featuring a series of dazzling CZs set into a delicate gold-plating or sterling silver tennis chain. Rock this essential with chains or charms; either way, this jewelry staple is sure to make an elegant impression.
Self Care: Gauri Kohli Olympia Marble Cake Stand
Marble Cake Stand
For the home baker looking to elevate their cakes, pies, tarts, and so much more, they can show them off on this hand-carved round cake stand. Embellished with gold inlay, baked goods will steal the show on this stand. The marble top and gold metal base of this piece blends perfectly with modern and contemporary aesthetics.
Birthday Gifts for Tech Enthusiast's
Birthday Gifts for Tech Enthusiast's
Tech gifts are great because tech is always evolving (just like us, especially as we celebrate another year of life and look forward to all that’s ahead). Send a gift collection with cutting-edge tech options, from fun and quirky at-home karaoke tools to digital tablets and high-end Bluetooth speakers, or even cameras so your gift recipient can capture all the moments of their life:
Birthday Tech: Fire HD 8 Tablet
Fire HD 8 Tablet
Stream movies, watch videos, or play games with the Fire HD 8 Tablet. Fast and responsive, with a vibrant 8” HD display, 2X the storage, 2 GB of RAM, and 30% faster performance thanks to the 2.0 GHz quad-core processor. Enjoy downloaded content all day with a 12-hour battery life, and USB-C for easier charging when you need to power back up.
Birthday Tech: Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker & Microphone
Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker & Microphone
With this 2-in-1 microphone and speaker, bring the power of karaoke anywhere, anytime! The built-in retractable smartphone holder allows users to easily read the lyrics of their favorite hits, and the built-in speaker provides clear audio, so you can sing your heart out.
Birthday Tech: Mini Commuter Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Life’s better with music and Kove is here to help turn up the volume. Inspired by travel, Kove is designed with an active lifestyle in mind. Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless with HD Louder Volume, Deep Bass Subwoofer, Microphone, IPX7 Water Resistant, this Bluetooth speaker is portable and delivers powerful sound.
Birthday Tech: Instax Mini 11 with Film
Instax Mini 11 with Film
Capture all the birthday memories! A fresh take on a beloved instant film camera, the FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 11 is a sleek, fun, and stylish camera capable of producing instant credit card-sized photo prints. This model has been updated with an automatic exposure function, and the built-in flash benefits working in low-light conditions.
Gifts for Embracing Nature & the Great Outdoors
Gifts for Embracing Nature & the Great Outdoors
While some people celebrate their birthdays with sweet treats, parties and drinks, others prefer to pack it up and gain some perspective surrounded by nature. Help them relax and reflect in comfort and style with some of the most-loved products for nature lovers:
Birthday Outdoors: Packable Hammock
Packable Hammock
A lightweight, packable hammock that comes with everything needed to start lounging. Whether posting up between two trees or the fire escape of an abandoned building, the Loafer Hammock is ready to hang. Made with nylon, parachute material that can hold up to 450 pounds, making it a 2-person hammock.
Birthday Outdoors: Laguna Beach Picnic & Outdoor Blanket
Laguna Beach Picnic & Outdoor Blanket
Waterproof on the bottom and super soft, cozy fleece on top, this blanket will turn any picnic into a treasured memory. Essential for all outdoor adventures, the water-resistant back keeps the dampness away, while the unique stuff sack makes for a quick cleanup.
Birthday Outdoors: Click & Grow Smart Garden
Click & Grow Smart Garden
The Smart Garden 3 is an innovative indoor garden that cares for itself and grows fresh, flavorful herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Experience all the benefits of having a gorgeous garden. The Click & Grow indoor garden works just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. Instead of coffee pods, Smart Garden offers biodegradable plant pods that have seeds and nutrients.
Birthday Outdoors: TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack
TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack
The Oasis1100 by TETON Sports is an 18-Liter backpack with a leakproof 2-Liter hydration bladder and is thoughtfully designed with plenty of room for all the gear anyone might want to keep handy. The shoulder, chest, and waist straps can all be adjusted to get a custom fit. The Oasis 1100 is helping hikers rehydrate easily—wherever adventure leads.
Active Living: Birthday Gifts for Fitness and Wellness Fans
Active Living: Birthday Gifts for Fitness and Wellness Fans
Birthdays are a great time for celebration, and for self-reflection. If you have a friend or coworker who loves fitness and likes to set wellness goals, explore a few of the most popular gift options in the Snappy Birthday Gift Collection for fitness buffs:
Birthday Wellness: Deep Tissue Percussion Massager
Deep Tissue Percussion Massager
Physical therapy, muscle recovery, relaxation, and enhanced athletic performance are all possible with this portable handheld massager. Whether an office worker or a serious athlete, the PROfit Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager provides a convenient way to promote a healthier body, making it the ideal recovery tool.
Birthday Wellness: Fitbit Inspire
Fitbit Inspire
For anyone on a health & fitness journey, this easy-to-use tracker for daily activity, sleep & heart with up to 10 days of battery makes a perfect gift option. This easy-to-use fitness tracker packs 24/7 heart rate, Active Zone Minutes, and more. And with a free 1-year Fitbit Premium trial for new Premium users, get personalized guidance, exclusive insights, and sleep tools to make a healthier year happen.
Birthday Wellness: Yoga Strong Bundle
Yoga Strong Bundle
When working out, even a little discomfort can throw off a practice. The Yoga Strong 3-Item Workout Bundle is designed to keep yogis cool and comfortable during practice. Perfect for hot yoga or any exercise class, Yoga Strong Mat, Towel, & Strap help users stay comfortable while they work their way to a stronger body and a calmer mind.
Birthday Wellness: P.Volve Streaming Access
P.Volve Streaming Access
Give the gift option of ongoing access to 50+ Live Virtual Studio Classes per week and a complimentary 15-minute session with a master trainer. With P.Volve, gift recipients can gain life-changing results through thousands of on-demand classes with categories such as Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn, Stretch & Recovery, Meditation, and much more.

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